Christmas tree amazing TRADITION

Christmas Tree roots in Germany

The Christmas tree was "born" in 1500-century Protestant Germany, currently belonging to France in Strasbourg, where it became widespread despite the opposition of the priests, so that already in 1531 was sold at the market spruces and in 1539 was decorated with . At first, trees were small, and they hung on the ceiling or placed on a table. German Protestant churches, six appeared in the 1840s. The story of Martin Luther celebrating Christmas candle with fir front became popular and spread will also meet among the people. In fact, Luther did not felt since December.


in the early 1800s the Christmas tree spread to German nobles involved in England's court and noble family in the Nordic countries. In 1832 the then 13-year-old future Queen Victoria wrote in her diary Windsor Castle two table fir tree, which was placed at the foot of the Christmas gifts. Later in Victoria married the German Prince Albert, which further contributed to the spread of the Christmas tree in England.

The first item is a Christmas tree in Finland dates back to 1829, when Baron held in Helsinki big Christmas Eve invitations, which are celebrated as many as eight in December. In 1837, wrote in his diary how children Ð "a whole flock ​​lively" Ð dancing around the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree became common among urban bourgeoisie in the late 1800s so rapidly that the forest was feared to disappear, especially when large trees are standing on the floor began to crowd the table of spruce. Christmas tree in the countryside became common only in the 20th century. For example, the history of the Finnish Lake can be found in detail, which explains how in the 1910s in Lehtimäki was brought into the room Christmas bush, dense , which was attached to the ceiling and was decorated after the sauna.
German soldiers brought the Christmas tree to America during the American Civil War in the 1770s. Data from the first a decorated fir tree dates back to 1842 and the data from the first New York year 1851. The world's first electric lights decorated six found in New York in 1882. Its 80 electric light was made by Edward Johnson, Thomas Alva Edison's business partner.

Finland has electricity, lagging far behind America, the first illuminated with colored six was seen in Tampere central square in 1894. The Christmas tree at the foot of the Christmas Eve meeting people tremendously, because the square was remembered the poor, children and the elderly jakamalle them haves donated gifts.

In the 20th century Christmas tree has spread throughout the Christian cultural sphere, the Catholic countries. In addition to the spruce Santa's dozens of other available types of wood used. Christmas tree grown in the United States towards twenty or so coniferous, an annual 37 million Christmas tree business provides employment for about 100 000 Americans.

Tree has also received state symbols. For example, US president has kindled the lights of the Christmas tree in the yard of the White House since 1923. Since 1926 until the official Christmas tree has been growing in California General Grant Ð 3500 years old and 89 meters high giant sequoia. In addition, both the United States and Finland will be donated to the President's own Christmas tree.

America is Christmas tree's figurehead, even Christmas trees have certainly begun to cultivate in Europe, specifically in Denmark. The decoration of tree abundant American way is more popular year by year. Also, artificial spruce popularity has increased. For example, an American manufacturer to provide metallic and pvc plastic 50-year warranty and praises their naturalness, easy care and fire safety. Southeast Asian and Mexican manufacturers of competing with cheaper prices. The most advanced fake trees electrical wiring is installed in, the lamps ready and fir foot rotates and plays Christmas tunes with an electric motor.


Christmas tree triumph seems endless
Since time immemorial people have the darkest period of the year to celebrate the green and branches. They are thus chosen to highlight their faith in the fact that after the death of the old year will be a new year and a new life. This has been done in Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome as well as elsewhere. Everywhere there are also entrusted with the mythical tree of life, which connects heaven and earth, that allows people to get the gods and ancestral knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil. The Christmas tree will continue with these ancient, wood believers to holiness and the benefits of a tradition.

Also Christianity has taken a fir tree as his own. Christmas tree during its 400-year history of gradually connected to the Christian symbols such as the Star and the angels, the tree of paradise apples and eating them

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