Kara Sevda - Selected Scenes - Wake up my darling (Uyan Sevgilim)

Kemal is a boy living in a poor neighborhood. His father—Hüseyın—is a barber, and his mother—Fehime—wishes him, his older brother—Tarik—and his younger sister—Zeynep—to be happy. Nihan is a girl living in another part of the city with her rich family. She has a twin brother called Ozan. Nihan loves her father—Önder—who always listens to her. Her mother—Vildan—only looks out for herself. She wants Nihan to marry a boy named Emir, but Nihan doesn't want to marry him. Kemal and Nihan first meet each other on the bus where Nihan draws a picture of Kemal. One month later, on Nihan's birthday, Kemal and his friend—Salih—find the drawing of Kemal in the mall. Nihan throws a birthday party where she invites her friends—Yasemin and Emir. During the party, Emir gets jealous of another man dancing with Nihan and hits him. Nihan gets angry and leaves the party. She gets into her boat and tries to cast off, but the ropes are stuck. When she tries to untie them, she suddenly falls into the water where she is saved by Kemal. This is the start of their relationship. One day, Emir executes a plan that makes Ozan kill a girl, so that Nihan will marry him. The next day Kemal proposes to Nihan, but she says no. Kemal is depressed for a while, but after some time he moves to Zonguldak. Four years later, there is an accident in the mine where he worked. Kemal then saves the life of his manager—Hakki—who promotes him to be his assistant. One year later, Kemal comes back to his home town and starts competing with Emir over Nihan.


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