Chris Norton walks again four years after a tragic football accident

A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.
- William Arthur Ward.

She is a keeper!!! That is 100 percent love!! That is what you look for is someone to love you for who you are. But to support you when you need it. An when. Times get hard an they will pick you up an help you get threw them. 💖


Chris Norton the man in the video says: Thank you everyone for the nice messages about my walk. 6 years ago I suffered a spinal cord injury in a football game. I was paralyzed from the neck down. At that moment I was forced to make the choice to either give up and let my life be determined by my circumstances or fight and create something positive out of my circumstances! I believed that I could turn that tragedy into an opportunity to do more, to be better, to inspire others and be stronger. I started motivational speaking, I started a non profit to help others with disabilities and I created some incredible opportunities. I met the love of my life, Emily, 3 years after my injury. She's the one in the video. I would've never met her if I would've given up and let my circumstances define who I am. My hope for you is that you make the hard choice to fight and make something positive from your tragedies, struggles and difficulties. We are all capable of making that choice and I promise incredible things will happen!!


Who was William Arthur Ward?
Ward was born in Louisiana 1921. He entered the U.S. Army as a private in 1942 and quickly moved up the ranks to captain. After serving four years in the military, Ward returned to civilian life and graduated from McMurry University before receiving his master's degree from Oklahoma State University.
Ward's articles were published in many different publications, including "Reader's Digest," "The Upper Room," "Science of Mind," "The Christian Advocate" and "The Methodist Layman." His column was featured in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. In 1962, Ward was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Oklahoma City University for his professional work and literary contributions.
Ward also has the distinction of being one of the most quoted writers ever in "Quote," a weekly international publication for public speakers. Professionally, Ward served for two years as the Director of Methodist Men in the Central Texas Conference and as the Assistant to the President of Texas Wesleyan College.
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