Charlize Theron's dress gets with the Iranian TV censor treatment.

The Oscar for the best censorship goes to the Islamic Republic’s Photoshop team!
As the ILNA news outlet from within Iran covered the awards ceremony for the #Oscar, and Asgar Farhadi’s message of standing up for oppressed people, they also put a black paint on Charlize Theron and Anousheh Ansari to cover up their arms and shoulders, leaving only their heads visible. Another typical example of the Islamic Republic’s fear of naked arms of Iranian women. It is shameful indeed, but that is how the Iranian media outlets based within the country have been covering such events for years.



At a time when Farhadi chooses an astronaut and NASA scientist to prove a point about human rights not having ‘borders,’ the Islamic Republic of Iran does the complete opposite by using Farhadi’s wonderful Oscars statement for their own propaganda while blind to the meaning of his point,” Alinejad said.
This is the Islamic Republic of Iran which forces girls as young as age seven to be covered up. While many of us, including Americans, are expressing our opposition to Trump’s Muslim ban, we also have to be louder and clearer about our condemnation of Islamic Republic of Iran’s ban on women who can’t enter Iran without hijab. Women from all religions and cultures, many of whom are flogged and imprisoned inside Iran for not wearing ‘proper hijab.'
source: My Stealthy Freedom Facbook

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