Girls dancing twerking on top of a coffin during wake


The video, which lasts no more than three minutes, was dubbed "When Brayan Dies" and shows a peculiar funeral ritual that, judging by the music, Reggaeton, occurred in some Latin American city. Netizens, on social networks, speculate that the episode happened in Caracas. Although some also indicate that this type of practice is usual in the popular areas to say goodbye to the dead with joy, remembering the music or the hobbies that enjoyed in life. The recording shows the uproar around a coffin and the sensual dance of two women, who are patted by a third who even tosses them a bucket of water. In the background, one can hear the popular rhythm that softens the parties in the Latin American cities. It is said that in the favelas of Medellín or Caracas, the farewell of the dead is with dances. If the deceased was known to use guns, they fired with bursts of gunfire into the sky; If it was an unblemished lad, the ritual may include a parade in a field to play a match with the coffin in the middle of the field. The music never misses and the funeral march can become something more like a party.


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