It's an art attack! 🎼 🎭

You don't need to speak the same language. You don't need to have the same color skin. But you can hear and you can feel the beauty and passion between the artists. There's something so beautiful about their arts coming together on a plane that everyone can understand.
In what can be called a beautiful sight, a girl in a grey flowy dress moves her body elegantly to match the tune of the violin on the streets of Italy.
In a video that has gone viral with over 1 million views in three days, an Arab father encourages his daughter Rima Baransi to dance while a street artist plays the violin. The girl, a little shy in the beginning, starts to groove and then there’s no looking back. She dances elegantly nearly a minute while people watch her graceful performance.
At the end, the crowd cheers and applauds for her. In fact, people on social media are praising the father for his encouragement. “We need more fathers like the father of Rima who say to their daughters ‘Yallah….do it’,” read a comment.


That was beautifully done.. So awesome.. I would love watching her dance every day.. Bless you and your gift of dance and to the gentleman playing the beautiful music wow your awesome too..

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