Parviz & Poone Scrap Car (Mashin Ghorazeh)


Scrap vehicles

It is Scrap is a recipient of scrap vehicles. You can also find additional information and directions for scrap vehicle delivery under Our services/For individuals. Companies are also welcome to bring their cars to us following the same practices. For cities and municipalities we arrange scrap vehicle services as a whole. The services are designed to fit the needs of the customer.


The backbone of the recycling system is comprised of reception, vehicle de-registration, pre-processing and crushing. In the reception phase the vehicle is also checked for missing or extra materials and objects.

When the vehicle is removed from registry the owner receives an official certificate of destruction. All of your obligations and responsibilities for the car end at this point. We automatically inform the insurance company and the Vehicle Administration to end insurance and taxes on the vehicle. After de-registration the car is in the recycling system and it cannot be re-registered.

In preprocessing the scrap car is dried, i.e. all liquids are removed. Tires, batteries and the catalytic converter are also removed. Explosive hazards like air bags are removed or are made safe otherwise. After preprocessing the car is sent to be crushed.

Did you know what your car comprises of?


Steel plate 41%
Steel 18%
Cast iron 7%
Stainless steel 1%
Aluminium 7%
Stainless steel 1%
Aluminium 7%
Zinc, copper, lead 1.5%
Total 75.5%


Plastics 9.1%
Rubber 6%
Textiles 0.9%
Glue, paint 3%
Total 19%


Glass 2.8%
Liquids 0.8%
Miscellaneous 1.9%
Total 5.5%


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