Three Common Types of Home Mortgage Loans



Taking out a mortgage is the focal point of your home purchase and you will be involved in this one action over the course of many years. Because the sum needed to purchase a home is large, you will want to think carefully about what kind of home mortgage loan you want to take out. Three common types of mortgage loans exist, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Do some research before committing, however, as this investment is important. Different lending institutions offer different rates and terms, and you will want to find one that works best for not only your budget but also your needs.

The Fixed Rate

If you choose a fixed rate, the interest rate is determined at the signing of the loan agreement and will not vary during the term of repayment, unless you decide to repay your loan early or renegotiate your credit.

Even if you choose this option, you can choose: deadlines that are constant throughout the loan term, which have progressive deadlines, or timetables that you can adjust throughout your schedule according to your income.

The advantage of choosing a fixed rate is obviously from the outset the amount of your payments and for the duration of repayment. But you cannot qualify for the rate that is offered more when subscribing to an adjustable rate.

The Adjustable Rate

Choosing a revisable rate can certainly be the best of these choices but then you take a risk on the future. Established for twenty years, these mortgage loans have attracted many buyers.

Its advantages lie in its low cost compared to the initially fixed rate loan and its variation with rate cuts. Moreover, unlike its competitor, you can prepay without paying penalties, which are often substantial sums.

Borrowers avoid unpleasant surprises that are created on adjustable rate loans that are "capped". In this case, the change in interest rates can vary only within a certain limit, usually 1% to 2%. The buyer can also opt for an adjustable rate that isn't capped and it deadlines in this case. Timing and duration vary without limit in this matter.


This type of home loan is for the homeowner that wants the option of paying on the interest or paying as much as you want after that initial closing period. Many people like this type of loan because they can control the payment amount plus the cash flow in any month during that interest-only time period. The interest rate could or could not be lower than the traditional mortgage but that depends on your situation. However, the option for flexible payments will always be there.

People consider an interest-only loan for a number of reasons. For one, it makes sense. On a 30-year mortgage, three quarters of your payments go towards the interest in the first six years. This is why it is very important that you get the lowest interest rate possible.

Borrowing money at a great rate comes down to a science in most situations and that is why you need to do your homework before choosing a lender. Don't settle with the first offer! Be sure to comparison shop before making a decision.

Our company, Priority Lending Corp, was established so we could provide the best and most competitive Miami home mortgage loans available to our customers.

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