The social media goes nuts after they see videos on youtube of A mother breast feed her 6-year-old

Most of the people thinks breastfeeding is probably the most act of flagrant rudeness, specially when its done in public.
There are plenty of social justice activists that thinks that breastfeeding is an issue of body autonomy, tho it is perfectly natural.
We see and hear a lot of news feeds and stories of women who has been mistreated or shamed because of their breastfeeding in public. There have been a few protests organized, where mothers gather at a location and where a complaint or harassment originated and at the same time they nurse their babies.

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I get the point that babies get hungry, off course, and most of all woman have a legal right to feed their babies whenever they want to, but there are people who just takes it too far.
Maybe it is just not always justified to breastfeed public whenever, or is it?
Lets take an example, of a mother who has received some serious criticism of her breastfeeding her daughter on a video, she only men to be a tutorial for new mothers, when the viewers noticed that the daughter in the video is a little bit old, they where pretty grossed.

Okay, this time I have to agree with the viewers, for example, one lady says under one of the videos on “Spiritual Tasha Mama” where this mother is breastfeeding while wearing a sports bra, Pleas switch to a bottle before that kid gets any more messed up, one of the kids on the video is actually three years old, that’s pretty weird tho.
The lady in question describes her herself as a “breastfeeding vegan, a mother who is spreading love- Healt coaching, relationship coaching, life coaching sessions, Basically I can help you with anything you need.
Tasha Maile’s video has been viewed over 58,800,000 times and has made a number of comments.
In another comment a lady says, “okay, I find this video very disturbing. This mother probably wants people to think that this is a natural mother and child bonding while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is beautiful and a natural act of the mother and child bonding. How ever this woman’s exhibitionism certainly takes away from the wonderful bonding between mother and child”.

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A few of the people who had comment on this video where more chocks by the expression on the young boy’s face, as well that he were waving a credit card during the video.
In many countries where the laws are used to protect the nursing mother, breastfeeding in public is not regarded as an issue, more like common and general.
In Australia, some parts of the United States, Europe and some countries in Asia, women have an legal right to nurse in for example workplace or in public.
But in this case we are talking about extended breastfeeding because it is beyond the first year of the infant’s life, that’s why it can lead to problems.
This video has been removed due to terms of use violation
There are a few cases in United State where the child have been taken away from their mother’s care because the courts or government agencies deemed extended breastfeeding to be inappropriate.
In one case a women quit her job so she could stay at home and breastfeed her boyfriend for two hours per day or another case where a mom lost custody of her child for one year because she was still breastfeeding her child at age three and had reported experiences of sexual arousal while breastfeeding the child.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно