Most favorite Iranian dishes


The delicious Iranian Food, you are about to see is carefully selected by Gisoo Misha Ahmadi around from top favorite Iranian Foods.
Most favorite Iranian dishes
photo: YouTube

Chelokabab Koobideh

Most tourists love Iranian Food. From far East to Europe.
People from all parts of the World like our kebabs, both "Koubideh" and "Barg" very much. They also love "Dizi" and our different types of rice.


Most favorite Iranian dishes
Chelo kabab Koobide, photo: YouTube

Dizi & Abgoosht

This one is a Favorite and it called "Dizi" and if you ever come to Iran, you should definitely not miss this one.
Koubideh is a traditional kebab witch Iranians like a lot. It's actually prepared with mutton.

Most favorite Iranian dishes
photo: talifood

Kalleh Pache

"Kalleh Pache" can be either your breakfast or your afternoon snack. But "Sirab Shirdoun" (sheep tripe) is an afternoon snack.
All the parts of "Kalleh Pache" (sheep's head & hooves) can be eaten: the tongue, the flesh around the ears, the brain, the eyes, and the hooves.
Most favorite Iranian dishes
Kalleh Pache, photo: YouTube

Most favorite Iranian dishes
Nan Sangak, photo: YouTube


Shole Zard

Saffron is an Iranian spice and it used in most dishes. It is main ingredient in "Shole Zard".
"Shole Zard" is a traditional dish usually made as "Nazri".

Most favorite Iranian dishes
Shole Zard, photo: YouTube

Khoreshte Gheimeh

The food that is cooked for Imam Hossein's mourning is different. It's all about the emotions that you put into it. I can give you the recipe to make this food at home, but it will be the same.
I would define "Nazri" as something we owe ourselves to express our love and respect for Imam Hossein and Prophet Mohammad's family.
Khoreshte GheimehKhoreshte Gheimeh
Khoreshte Gheymeh, photo: YouTube

"Koukou Sabzi" is very to make and very delicious. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to prepare.

"Fesenjoun" is one of the best Iranian dishes.
Depending on your taste you can make it sweet, sour, or sweet and sour. Fesenjoun is originally prepared with duck and some prepare it with chicken but I prefer meatballs.

Ghorme sabzi

Iranian homemakers use a lot of herbs. The herbs are used to make special soups, omelets, rice, and of course this stew: "Qormeh Sabzi" (or Ghorme sabzi).
Herbs are necessary ingredient [in Iranian cuisine]. They give the food its special aroma and flavor.
The are healthy and make the food look nice too.
Ghormesabzi, qormesabziGhormesabzi, qormesabzi

Tahdig and Tahchin

"Tahdig" is one of the most popular side dishes in Iran. People can get into fights at the dinner table for it!
Tahdig, photo: YouTube

Tahchin, photo: YouTube
There are different types of "Tahdig", and "Tahchin" is an all-time favorite. It is so popular that somtimes the "Tahdig" is prepared Tahchin.скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно