Tips For Obtaining That First-Time Home Loan



Many South Africans who are considering their first home loan find themselves worrying unnecessarily about the process they are about to undergo. While there can be many pitfalls in the quest to obtain a bond for a first home, there are also some simple steps that can be taken to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

Be prepared for the process

Any new home buyer who begins the process of obtaining a home loan with the notion that he is going to get his purchase financed overnight is probably deluding himself. The fact is that the loan process can often take several days or weeks to complete. Every buyer should be prepared to undergo an extensive process that is both time-consuming and complex.

To make that process less maddening, it can be helpful for the buyer to do his homework prior to submitting any application. He should be sure that he can afford the home he is purchasing, and prepared to demonstrate that fact to any loan officer at a bank. All of the necessary documentation should be gathered and available when the application is filed.

Use all available resources

No one should ever set out to obtain a loan without first comparing all of the options. The best place to complete this comparison is on the internet, where almost every loan company in the country maintains a competitive presence. Borrowers should examine all of these companies' offerings and compare the services they provide.


The best of these companies offer a full range of services that can simplify the entire application and approval process. They will assist clients in developing a sound strategy for securing home loans, and will even help to complete the application. Some will even provide assistance in ensuring that the application is shepherded through the bank loan approval process.

The most beneficial aspect of partnering with one of these loan companies is the fact that it will have access to all of the most competitive bank loan offerings available. They use that access to obtain the best rates and loan structure features for each of their many home loan clients.

Every South African's first foray into home ownership should be an exciting and hopeful time. When would-be home buyers utilize this simple strategy for obtaining their first homeloan, they can help to ensure that they avoid many of the most frustrating aspects of the loan acquisition process.

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