Go With Home Refinance And Make Substantial Savings


When a homeowner goes in for a home refinance, it means that he is trading in his existing first mortgage for a new one. When a person applies for home refinance, his home will be subject to a new appraisal to calculate its value and simultaneously, the homeowner's credit score file will also be scrutinized. The lender can even request the title report of the property to check if there are any more liens or security interest on the property. If there is none, then the loan will be approved, the homeowner will meet the lenders, sign relevant documents and receive the new mortgage.
This new mortgage amount can be used to repay existing mortgage or liens on said property. A person will opt for home refinance mainly when interest rates are lower than what they were when the first mortgage was obtained. This will help the homeowner get better home loan, use this to repay the first loan and therefore save in the long run. For example, if a person has been paying 8% interest on the home mortgage and there are still another 20 years to go on the loan, if the interest rate is now down to 6%, then getting a home refinance will help him repay the old mortgage at lower current rates.

Home refinance can be done using the following simple methods:
• Check credit
• Check property value vs. what is owed
• Research interest rates
• Seek advice

Just like when taking your first home mortgage, the lender will carefully scrutinize your current credit scores. So, first get the latest credit report from the credit bureau, peruse this and if there are any discrepancies, get in touch with the relevant officials and get this corrected. A credit report that reflects the true picture is essential to get good home-refinance.
Make sure you have paid all existing loans with any default. Even if you go to your existing lender, a bad credit history will definitely attract higher interest on your home-refinance loan. The idea in getting your home-refinanced is to take advantage of prevailing low interest rates as against what you are paying on your existing mortgage. Hence, the first step is to ensure that anything that increases interest rates should be avoided. After making sure your credit score is satisfactory, check the current value of your property vs. your outstanding loan amount.

If you owe more than what your property is worth, you will be offered only unattractive home-refinance terms at much higher interest rates. The real value of your home can be determined by a local real estate broker. He will value your home based on what a potential buyer will pay for it. Once it is determined that the real estate value for your home will give you a good home refinance loan, you can now scout around for a lender who offers the best interest rates.

You are not obligated to go with your current home mortgage lender for your home refinance. Hence, go online and check out who will offer the best home refinance for the current market value of your home. You can get advice from a good real estate broker if you prefer and once you settle on your lender, apply for home refinance either online or by visiting their office. Get their help in deciding which product will suit your needs the most and consider all home refinance options like cash-out refinancing, fixed rate refinancing, adjustable rate refinancing etc. before making a final decision.
A mortgage calculator specifically meant for home refinance calculations will help a person determine if they can really reduce their mortgage payments. A high quality mortgage calculator can help you cover all financial possibilities involved in refinancing. Most mortgage calculators have simple and easy to use interfaces like scrolling through menus and accepting all figures relevant for refinancing before performing a calculation. Use a mortgage calculator that allows a person to enter advanced fields like closing costs, tax amounts and origination fees. This will offer a more accurate refinance estimate.

Make sure the mortgage calculator you use will deliver results through multiple media like email, print or PDF files. In fact the Internet allows you to use different mortgage calculators. Hence, find one, which pertains to home refinance and get multiple results delivered to your inbox. Now, you can compare each option and then select a lender who offers you the best home refinance deal.

Article by John Hoots of Chicago, who is a specialist in real estate investments. For more information on Chicago mortgage loans [http://www.chicagomortgagespecialist.com], visit his site today.
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