Claims and Refunds From the Mortgage Industry


Recent press activity has largely focused on the PPI scandal and the news that the banks have put away as much as five billion pounds to compensate their long suffering clients. However leading figures in the industry have now turned their attention to the mortgage lenders and questions are being raised about the way they lent money over the past decade.

Recent admission by the Halifax and Clysdale of not calculating mortgages correctly has seen home owners begin to question their mortgage paperwork. Fines handed out by the FSA to lenders such as DB Mortgages and GMAC to name just a few has called into the question the lengths at which lenders were willing to bend the rules and regulations just to ensure that mortgage applicants could and would finalise that deal. DB Mortgages were fined for lending past retirement and not advising on the consequences and asking the pivotal questions in accordance with MCOB.

Halifax admit to over charging 300,000 of their mortgage holders to the tune of half a billion pound and so people are now queuing up to have their mortgages assessed to see if they are applicable.

Dave Taylor a mortgage holder with RBS said that he felt it necessary to utilise the services of a claims management company to see if he was due a refund of any kind. He went on to say 'Its about time the banks were held to account for their negligence, we've had endowments, bank charges, ppi, and now this, whens it going to stop?'

And Mr Taylor isn't the only one feeling the necessity to assess his mortgage. Diane Willock from the Mortgage Compensation Scheme informed us that they revive approximately one hundred queries a day with regards to having an assessment. MCS do not charge for their service and the client keeps 100% of any refund, however there has been an upsurge in the last two months of CMCs that offer a no win no fee mortgage refund. We spoke to Mark Taylor at a leading CMC who told us that since the banks have admitted to the PPI scandal people are now checking other financial products such as mortgages and investments and pension mis-selling.

So is it open season on the banks? In short the answer is yes. They have created a rod for their own back and people are starting to realise the value of a refund is beneficial in any climate. It seems that as PPI has grabbed the attention of the spot light the next big thing is mis-sold mortgages. FSA fines back this up, Halifax admitting overcharging back this up, Clysdale writing an average of five thousand pounds on mortgages back this up. So strike whilst the iron is hot and utilise the services of organisations that can see if you are due a refund, after all if you don't ask you don't get, and if you don't get then the banks are legally entitled to keep what is rightfully yours.
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