Secured Loans And Remortgages Are Homeowner Loans For Every Purpose


Every homeowner is conversant with the word, "mortgage."

Although every homeowner knows the meaning of this home loan, many have also heard the words, secured loans and remortgages without being completely aware of the meaning of these two homeowner loans.

Most are of the opinion that a secured loan and remortgage are both something to do with owning your own property, and in this they would be correct, as exactly like mortgages, secured loans and remortgages are also only available to homeowners, as all three must be secured on the collateral of a property.

In spite of this very major similarity between the three, these home loans are used for different purposes.

Before anyone can apply for a secured loan or a remortgage, they must already have a mortgage in place, as neither of these homeowner loans can be granted on an unencumbered property.

The only purpose of a mortgage is to buy a property, but the other two loans have a multitude of purposes.

The meaning of the word remortgage is fairly self explanatory, as it is simply the replacing or reworking of one mortgage for another which means that to remortgage, the applicant must take out a new mortgage with a different lender without changing his address, as these loans simply take the place of the existing one.

The majority of homeowners no longer stay with the same old familiar lender as they used to do in the past, when many property owners did not change their existing product for it's full term, which meant that they remained with their existing provider for up to twenty five years.

This was rather unwise, and could have cost the homeowner thousands of pounds over the course of their property owning life, as there are so many mortgage deals available with so many interest rates etc. that small fortunes can be saved by moving from one lender to another.

Now a days most homeowners move from one lender to another as soon as their current deal expires.

Sometimes a person remortgages for the same amount but only wants to get a better deal, while on other occasions a larger sum is sought to raise money which can be used for any number of reasons, such as arranging debt consolidation, funding home improvements etc., etc.

Secured loans are often referred to as second mortgages, as they are a second charge that can also be used as all purpose loans that can be used for almost any reason, like holidays, weddings, and they also make very good debt consolidation loans.

These are only a few simple facts about the meaning of and the uses of mortgages, remortgages and secured loans, and for those interested in finding out more, a reputable mortgage or secured loan broker will be able fill in any gaps.

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