Black Magic in Iran's Footbal. Some Coachs and Managers are believing in it. Interesting Interview with Khodadad Azizi in Navad

Do you believe in magic

Adel Ferdosipour (to Azizi): Two or three years ago, you did an interview and said there was magic in football. You touched closely, people want to know whether really does any coach exist who believe in magic?

Adel Ferdosipour: Well, what do they do this? But could not refer directly because it was dangerous ...


Black Magic in Iran's Footbal. Some Coachs and Managers are believing in it

Azizi: I am a manager and I saw that on its own terms and in relation to summon the spirits. He was a football team and had to say which opponent when the game is so good? For example, just Ferdosipour. The player's name. He died in plastics and plastic door and said his work is finished! The team that had lost all the games, winning four consecutive games! In a play eating together. In the so-called magic antidote antivirus and ate together. It was the team wizard. The wizard second team was told that the team is doing and what tricks. It is these beliefs that urine is false dawn. The Wizard of urine on foot Wizard overcome. I saw them with my own eyes. Or team when I played we won the first seven games. The newspaper wrote that the team has wizard and so forth. The drill head coach says players who can say that we tactical wizard, and we're going to do. At the same time Mr. witch arrives and finds out what the coach. The coach asked, sir, that I did not do anything and had no effect? Coach says no, you had no effect. Said the good witch from now on you're the Tiger! The team last season with seven consecutive wins in one season, August. These are coaches who work with these people believe. Last year we contributed a lot to the team and the main reason was that gentleman championship team. I asked him what are you doing? With this description means that we have laid down the wall. This stuff really is. This gentleman was named the coach, the players say the name of the mother Fatima says or other names.

Adel Ferdosipour: I just wanted to say the same thing. The player said the coach asked me What is your mother's name? The player got angry and replied What is my mother's name?скачать dle 11.1смотреть фильмы бесплатно