Easy techniques to stop your baby's cry,it might be worth millions of dollars to you

Baby colic or infantile colic is three weeks old baby's non-stop crying for more than three hours a day over three days a week.
The cause of baby colic is unknown. Less than 5% of infants who cry excessively, have a physical effect.
Colic baby crying can cause stress in relationships, lack of breastfeeding, postpartum depression, unnecessary reference to the doctor, or child abuse, including child syndrome are severe shaking.

Easy techniques to stop your baby's cry


Baby colic occurs in 5-25% of infants. Treatment is generally inquisitive non-intervention, and without the use of drugs or replacement takes place. Baby colic often disappear in three or four months, but may continue up to one year. No long-term damage associated with infant colic does not exist.
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