2012 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest
Afghan Star Shaqayeq Roya - ِDad az in Del
How many black dots do you see in this optical illusion?
Every 31 minutes, 1 Iranian dies in accident

Every 31 minutes, 1 Iranian dies in accident
Crab Prank with Girlfriend on the beach
Strong wind lifted up the satellite dish on electric cables
Iranian Rustic Bread Recipe

This is the most wonderful bread loaf is supposed to be rural. After making it can not wait! A separate large pieces with a knife dipped in butter want to eat it
Afghan immigrant is arrested in Germany after he raped and killed 19-year-old Girl Maria Ladenburger
This photo was posted by Hussein 7 days before he arrested
Three Women Killed by Sniper Outside Restaurant in Imatra, Finland

We've put together, how Imatra surmayö and the subsequent events progressed.
Daily Boofi Picdump [104Pics], Monday, 5 December 2016
The Most Important Real Facts About Water Births

If you've ever thought-out a water birth, in which you experience either labor and delivery or just labor in a tub of warm water, read on.
She tried to Prank her Dad but...
The Japanese Artist is working 10hours per day for last 3.5 years to complete his 4x3 meters  "PEN & INK" Drawing

People in Asia are known as tough people and very strong. After the earthquake at 2011 in t ōhoku earthquake and the tsunami that adopted, Japan badly was hurting, but nearly six years later on the nation offers rebuilt. And Manabu Ikeda, a good pencil & ink designer
Speaking for 6 different characters in one tv series by Iranian artist "Naser Tahmasb"