Wonderful shot: The longest basketball shot record from 180m in 3rd attemp
28 year-old Australian Heron Derek with members of his band 'How Ridiculous' went to one of the dams in Switzerland to throw the basketball world record. Heron Derek by throwing the ball from a height of 180 meters into the basket, moved the Guinness World Record.
Pixee Fox vows to continue her cosmetic procedures
Birthday Cake for Lover with the theme of Telegram Chatting Page
The Highest Football Pitch in the Europe
Photo of Iran's King Mohammadreza Shah in New York Time's Interview Hall on the Wall
Photo of Iran's King Mohammadreza Shah on New York Time's Interview Hall on the Wall
Poor Little Girl Has Been Blinded in a Brutal Crime By her Aunt's Husband
I wish a miracle happens and again with the same eyes I can see the world. "The dream of Fatima, the daughter of 11-year-old who is blinded by her aunt's husband by pouring the lime into her eyes.
Foods You never ever should put in Refrigerator
Did you know that there are actually planty of foods you shouldn’t put in the fridge?
It is pretty normal that all of us humans want to protect and preserve the food we purchase, so we do keep that In mind and always think that we should put them in to the refrigerator, but there actually are certain foods wich should never ever be placed in the fridge, can guess wich ones?
Don’t bother, cause we have put togheter an list of such foods, keep on reading, you may be surprised.
Mehdi Habibi, Iran's and Asia's Wingsuit flying record holder has crashed and died

Mehdi Habibi is referred as record holder of Wingsuit flying for Asia. According to reports, Mehdi Habibi, Iran and Asian athletes and Wingsuit flying record holder, crashed and died while preparing for the world championship.
Hot Girl Can not Stop Looking at Rafael Nadal (Rio Open 2014)
Rafael Nadal got very hot in his match against Pablo Andujar on Saturday in Rio. But not for sporting reasons. He was surrounded by a very pretty girl who almost made him lose his concentration.
All you didn't know about American's next first Lady: Melania Trump

Melania Trump born 26 April 1970. Melania Trump is an American model and Slovenian model that Donald Trump is now the wife of the President of America. Melania Trump on January 22, 2008 to Donald Trump is married.