Home Equity Loans and the Toxic Relationship



Love is like a magnet that brings a couple together. However, on its own, it's rarely strong enough to maintain the bind. It's a sad but true statistic that the majority of North American marriages end in divorce. And for those who are still together, it is often not the fluttering of hearts that keeps them united - but other obligations, like children, finances, joint business ventures and home ownership.

Buying a home is a major investment. Next to children, it is probably the biggest decision a couple will ever make. Income for decades is dedicated to the mortgage payments, and countless weekends are lost to renovations and repair. It is a labour of love, and for many married couples, next to children, this incredible investment of time and resources is what keeps them together.

It's a tragic situation, when a bitter couple is still together for no reason other than to finish the mortgage they started. The thinking is that once the house is paid off, they can go their separate ways. In their reasoning, only then will the business venture, like the love, will be finished.

This leads to a toxic relationship. The couple's anger, resentment and loathing becomes intensified because they must interact with each other every day and continue to feed the seemingly endless appetite of their shared home.

While one partner may be ready to leave immediately, financial worries may haunt her if the house is not liquidated. She can feel helpless and impoverished. Paralyzed by money concerns, she stays put, in an unhealthy environment - which is more detrimental than anything.

What couples need to understand is that the money they put into their home can be accessed at any time by means of a home equity loan. Instead of waiting for the mortgage to be paid of completely, they can have access to the equity they have accrued over their years. This is an excellent way to get large sums of money in the event of an emergency - such as a domestic situation that is getting ugly.

If credit is an issue, private home equity loan lenders can offer loans that are not dependent on age, credit or income. If the couple owns their home, they can get access to the money they need - fast - without selling or dealing with the hassles of the banks.

Approval can come as fast as 24 hours if one goes with private lenders of home equity loans in Canada.

If the magnetic pull of love has lost its power, and its only money that's holding you together - perhaps it's time to cash out and start anew. There are always second chances in life.

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