The Best Way To Spend Your PPI Refund



PPI is Payment Protection Insurance. You probably know that you pay it if you have a mortgage or credit cards to ensure that your bills and mortgage are paid in the event that your are ill and cannot work. Many of the banks mis-sold PPI to customers. In this case, they owe you, the client, money back from the mis-sold PPI. In the case of mortgages this could be thousands of pounds if you live in Great Britain.

You can apply to reclaim your PPI repayments for free on the internet. Just write your lenders using the free template letters you will find there. The refund can take a while so make sure you following up your letters if you don't hear from them. Once you have received your PPI refund money you can consider all the ways to enjoy and benefit from it. After all it is your hard earned money that is being refunded.

If you are in debt, use the money to get a debt consolidator to lower your balance and then pay that debt off. Then get your credit score raised on your credit report. If you have any money left over, after your debts are paid why not invest in your future?

If you are not in debt, you could use your funds wisely for home improvement. Or save to pay the taxes or for home repairs. It is important to budget your finances. Put the money into savings or money markets and have it grow for you and your family. Put it into an emergency savings account for you and your spouse or partner. You're going to need it when you are elderly.

If you haven't taken a vacation in a long time and you need one, you might want to do that if you can afford it. Be real. Check everything first. If you can afford it, use some of the money for fun. Have a stress free break that you and your family deserve and enjoy another part of the world.

Investing in your health and fitness is another option. Join a gym. Get a personal trainer. Learn about nutrition and you have the stress free tools to live a longer, better quality life while also saving thousands or pounds that would have to be paid out for medical bills.

If you have children, you can put some of your PPI refund money into their college savings funds. Both they and you are going to need that for their future. The price of a good education for career advancement is very high.

These are just some of the options available to you. Most of all enjoy your PPI windfall and use it wisely to improve your quality of life which is the most important thing.

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